The RAINYBOOTS are against the uncontrolled use of plastic, the one we use only once and then throw away. Our house, planet Earth, needs everybody’s help. Nature can’t recycle plastic by itself.

If we don’t make small changes towards the environment, we all know how the story ends.
And we, the RAINYBOOTS, don’t want that ending.


Our FEEL THE NATURE BY CUBANAS came to emphasize the need for more sustainable bets for the plant.

This model is 100% recyclable and made from coconut fiber.


The RAINYBOOTS can be worn continuously and are made of 100% recyclable PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).
They are certified by PVC SUL Plásticos, Brazil.

During the production process, we use waste material in the RAINYBOOTS, thus avoiding waste to the greatest possible extent.

Depending on the use type or if they are well maintained, they can virtually last FOREVER.


One of the key aspects of PVC is in the origin of its raw materials, such as Chlorine, Ethane, and Water. It is the only plastic material that does not originate 100% from petroleum. About 57% of its mass is Chlorine, which is extracted from sea salt – a renewable resource found in nature -, and 47% is Ethane, which is extracted from petroleum.

PVC is the plastic with the smallest footprint in urban landfills in terms of weight, which is only 0.7%. The reason for such a low percentage is the long life cycle of PVC products, because only 12% are considered to be disposable, lasting up to 2 years, 24% lasting 2-15 years, and 64$ lasting 15-1000 years.
PVC is recyclable and due to its characteristics it is a raw material which comes from sustainable resources.

Source: PVC SUL

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